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We move beyond automating campaign creation. Baro can :

They have adopted Baro

I wish our competition didn't know about Baro, it's a real time and money saver !

Stephen Heringhous

Head of Performance

We are able to schedule hundreds of ads per day only with a few clicks

Tibor Izmendi

Digital Ad Operations Manager

We've managed to save 20h per month by stopping ads automatically at the right moment

Radu Marcusu


Have full control over your campaigns

Use Flows and Tasks to manage your campaigns life cycle, change adset budgets, manipulate ad spending, and manage ad bids.

Triggers launch campaigns automatically

Identify posts to boost using the post metrics, message content and link.

Simple and intuitive dashboard

We provide a lightning fast advertising experience coupled with an easy-to-use interface.

Team collaboration, API, automated biding,
and much more...

Still hesitating ?

We only take 5% comission per ad spend.
Become an early adopter of Baro and advertise for up to 2000$ for FREE.

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