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Q: Is managing a big number of Facebook pages time consuming?
A: Manage thousands of Facebook pages without spending more than 6 hours a month.
Q: Are you caught in a repetitive and monotonous work?
A: Decrease time spent managing advertising by 90%.
Q: Do you want your campaigns to be more efficient?
A: Decrease price per engagement by 20%, and sometimes by 80%.
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A tailored experience provided by BARO

Automate Boost Post

Baro will help you automate the boosting of Facebook posts on Facebook and Instagram. Set it once and forget about scrolling through news feeds.

A/B test

Baro's advertising campaign A/B test feature is done the right way. Create hundreds of ad variations in under a minute.

Hourly Stats

Find out at what time of the day your campaign performs the best.

Rule Engine

Model campaign behavior over time using rules. Create rule sets and apply to as many campaigns as you want to free yourself from this monotonous work.
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