A list of tips that will help you make your next Facebook page posts better.
If you or your comapny manages the advertising of multiple Facebook Pages then you will find this article useful.
28 Mar 2017 by Teodor Scorpan in Content Marketing
Stand out from the crowd by publishing a book.
Pay for ads not middlemen. Marketers move established business from an external agency to in-house teams.
Facebook and Instagram strategy on how to centralize and automate the management of Global Pages.
Helpful guide on how to create rule sets and how to apply them to advertising campaigns.
We've switched Baro's hardcoded engine to a rule based advertising engine.
22 Feb 2017 by Teodor Scorpan in Content Marketing
A comparison between Facebook Instant Articles and Google Accelerated Mobile Pages.
Why organic reach is declining and why we should prepare for zero organic reach.
A list of content creation, publishing, and automation tools that Baro can effortlessly integrate with.