In order to be more efficient with social media and content marketing you need to leverage technology. Using technology will save you time, increase profits, and will amplify the scalability of your business.

Find out why Facebook boosted posts are the best type of ad, but before boosting posts you have to create them. Below is a list of 11 powerful tools that will automate the creation and publishing of content. We, at Baro, tested most of them. You’ll definitely find at least one instrument from this list that will satisfy your business needs.

1. PLANABLE (thanks to Xenia)

It’s a young company with a very ambitious team. We are lucky to personally know all company members. Some of the team members are from the same country we are and we’ve participated together at a startup conference called Techsylvania where they took the first place.

Planable brings automation into the process of planning, reviewing and approving social media content. The tool streamlines the entire workflow of a social media team – from visually drafting posts to gathering in-context feedback and to quickly scheduling campaigns. No more complex excels, back and forth emails, miscommunication, and lack of clarity.


  • Team collaboration
  • Post scheduling for Facebook and Twitter
  • Manage multiple clients with multiple Facebook pages and Twitter Accounts
  • Approval workflow that lets you post only the best social media content


Agorapulse is a combination of Swiss army knife social media tools. Social media is a must for marketing these days, and many marketers find themselves purchasing a multitude of tools to assist in the process. They have a scheduling tool, an analytics tool, a CRM, amongst other. Since they are very busy, jumping from tool to tool not only takes lots of time, it can be frustrating and stifle productivity. Agorapulse makes handling your social media a pleasant experience all inside of one tool.


  • Team collaboration
  • Manage multiple teams, clients, and social media accounts
  • Aggregates all comments, tweets, and messages in one place
  • Post scheduling for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram
  • Organizational calendar
  • Monitor shares, mentions, keywords, hashtags, and places
  • Reporting on PowerPoints, community management metrics, competition analysis
  • Advanced social media focused CRM
  • Contest creator


SproutSocial is an all-in-one social software that can be used by social enterprise teams, advertising agencies, social business teams, customer services, and it can be used to manage your own social media presence as well as reaching your audience and tracking your growth.


  • Advanced team collaboration and user management
  • Automated post scheduling for optimal time for all social networks
  • Publishing protection with permissions and content approvals
  • Aggregates all social communication in one place
  • Advanced analytics and reporting
  • Organizational features
  • Advanced social media CRM and many more features…

4. SWAT (thanks to Michael for the info) is the premium social media management solution for agencies and enterprises produced by a Vienna-based PMD (Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer) “Die Socialisten”. is especially designed for the requirements of professional social media teams managing a large number of channels across all different kinds of platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram…). enables efficient & collaborative content planning & publishing, internal approval processes, consistent tracking of user interactions and efficient community management & customer service.


  • Team collaboration
  • Shared calendar
  • Post scheduling for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram
  • Content approval system
  • Activity tracker

5. POSTCRON (thanks a lot to Vero and Lucas)

The advantage of using Postcron is that it’s very easy to use and that you will save a lot of time when distributing your content throughout your different social networks. You can see how to do so here.

Right now the most important thing is that your messages get to your followers and we make sure of that.

The dashboard is very simple and allows you to post content to all of your social networks simultaneously.

Also, with Postcron you can use the Free version for as long as you wish! Your Free account allows you to add up to 6 social accounts and schedule 10 posts per day. If your business comes to grow and you feel the need to add more, then you can choose the plan that best attends your demands.


  • Team collaboration
  • Post scheduling for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+
  • Upload posts from excel files or Google Drive
  • Watermark your photos
  • Content recommendations


CoSchedule is the number one marketing calendar. It helps marketers bring all their content and social media marketing together in one place. It makes it easy to plan, publish, and promote content through one intuitive content calendar interface, keeping all your projects and team communication organized.

CoSchedule can essentially act as an all-in-one content hub for marketers. It’s the organizational centerpiece for everything you’re working on.


  • Team collaboration
  • Automating post schedules for all social networks
  • One calendar for all marketing processes
  • Blog management
  • A lot of integrations with third party services

7. POSTFITY (thanks to Paul)

Postfity has "no killer feature" per se. Where it shines however is an overall combination of rich set of features, easy-to-use dashboard and really affordable pricing. Other apps usually are either much more expensive, lack features or have really complex dashboards.

This tool can satisfy most of your social media marketing needs. They claim to save us 4 hours of work per week while using their tool. Their app runs really smooth and fast.


  • Team collaboration
  • Post scheduling for all social networks
  • Chrome extension for fast publishing
  • Content recommendation system
  • Built-in image editor
  • Automatic watermarks
  • Calendar view
  • Analytics
  • Multiple team management
  • Import posts from excel files


Post Planner is the laboratory of content marketing ideas. It has the best in its class content finder engine. They are focused on Big Data, so features like predicting the best time to publish a post is their thing. All their content is 100% scientifically proven that it’s gong to perform.


  • Team collaboration
  • Post scheduling for all social networks
  • Advanced content finder from even more sources
  • Predict future engagement of your content
  • Predicts the best time to publish and auto-schedules the posts


Buffer is one of the leaders for post scheduling tools. It has browser extensions and image editor to maximize your effectiveness as a social marketer.


  • Team collaboration
  • Post scheduling for most social networks
  • Browser extensions
  • Online image editor
  • Mobile apps
  • Insights
  • Calendar
  • Optimal timing tool
  • Link shortening and tracker


Hootsuite is another giant in this industry. This tool can help you easily find, manage, and publish social content. Hootsuite is packed with features.


  • Team collaboration
  • Content approvals
  • Optimal time posting
  • Social sweepstakes
  • Content recommendations
  • Custom URLs
  • Upload posts from excel files
  • Lead sync
  • Social network advertising
  • Browser extensions
  • Mobile apps
  • Analytics and Insights


PostSpeaker, in our honest opinion, are innovators. They took a different approach with a different perspective on how social media marketing has to be done.

PostSpeaker is a social media sharing tool that posts your content automatically to the social media accounts of your ambassadors. With PostSpeaker you harness the power of word-of-mouth, automate it, and save money, time and frustration.


  • Team collaboration
  • Project management
  • Promoters can easily opt in-out
  • Unified publishing
  • Analytics

No matter what your business does, one of these tools can enhance your social media activity.

Baro can effortlessly integrate with all of them without any coding. Every publishing released through any of these tools can be automatically promoted on Facebook and Instagram and optimized for better results with the help of Baro.

Our current clients get a 78% reduction in cost per engagement and 10s of hours of work saved per month.

You’ll get hourly stats for every campaign launched with Baro, which will add even more insights to your decision making.

Learn how to auto boost Facebook and Instagram posts created with tools mentioned above!

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