Do you constantly check your clients’ Facebook pages to find posts to boost? Is it a part of your daily tasks to scroll through page news feeds? Are you one of those that manage a good number of Facebook pages? Is it more difficult to find posts to boost specifically on Instagram? Baro can improve your efficiency manyfold.

For those who are not familiar with Baro please read Why Baro is awesome.

What is a Baro Automation?

Baro allows you to completely automate ad creation, optimization, and management. Using Baro’s “Automations” feature you can create a crawler (we call it an Automation) that can crawl your Facebook pages you manage, your blogs, and your Youtube channels and automatically launch and optimize campaigns. The Automation can also have the objective to crawl your existent Facebook and Instagram campaigns and pause, archive, and delete them when needed.

In this article we are going to explain the Automation with the Boost Post objective. Other objectives will be explained in the upcoming articles.

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How to use Boost Post Automation?

The boost post automation will crawl the pages you indicate and analyze each post. You must give this automation a condition with which it will analyze each post, and if the condition is satisfied a post engagement advertising campaign will be launched and optimized automatically for that specific post. The same happens with Boost Instagram Eligible Facebook Posts objective, the boost post automation will automatically launch post engagement campaigns on Instagram with eligible Facebook page post. No intervention needed from your side.

Steps to Automate Boost Post:

  1. Go to “Automations” from the left Menu
  2. Input automation name and choose Boost Post objective
  3. Indicate the Facebook page you want the Automation to crawl
  4. Specify the age in hours of the oldest post you want to be analyzed
  5. Create the Start Trigger – the condition that if satisfied a campaign will be launched
  6. Specify the ad Placements in case you need
  7. Choose the Target Audience or create a new one
  8. Add an existent Custom Audience if needed
  9. Optionally specify Include/Exclude Connections
  10. Input Daily Budget
  11. Input Automation rule set, Campaign rule set, and AdSet rule set that will govern the behavior of your ads (more details about the Rule Engine can be found here)
  12. Hit Launch

Power of Facebook and Instagram Boost Post Automation

Boost post automation completely automates the process of launching, optimizing, and managing post engagement advertising campaigns. This means you’ll have more time to spend on things you love. Our clients managed to reduce time spent on advertising campaigns from 1-2 hours a day to 2 hours a month.

Besides freeing up your time, every advertising campaign launched with an automation is optimized. This means that Baro uses state-of-the-art algorithms to reduce the price of conversions and to increase the volume of conversions at the same time. It also uses the past campaign results to improve the future campaigns, so the more you advertise with Baro the better your advertising will get. Our clients gain 2X to 7X increase in advertising campaign results using the same budget they have used before. We will publish case studies of our clients’ results and their use of automatic boost post feature in the near future.

Boost Post Automation Reporting

Campaigns launched with Baro benefit from another unique feature – hourly performance stats. Baro collects hourly stats for every campaign. You will know at what time of the day your ads performed the best. In Automation reports you will get overall hourly stats for a specific Automation. This feature is not even offered by Facebook itself. Enjoy! :)

Use cases for boost post automation

Case: The client or a third party is creating posts for Facebook pages that need to be boosted

Solution*: Create Automations to crawl every Facebook Page. Specify start triggers. Talk to the content creator and agree on a “word”, a “hashtag”, or a “sequence of characters” that if present in the message of the post it will be boosted.

Example: We agreed with a third party to write posts for Baro page, and posts that need to be boosted will contain “#” the hashtag symbol in the message body of the post. A post on Baro page will look like this “Automate the boosting of your Facebook and Instagram posts using #Baro” We create a boost post automation with a start trigger that specifies that if the message of the post contains “#” then launch a post engagement campaign for this post. This way we eliminate the human error and miscommunications. We are confident that only posts that we agreed on will be promoted.

Case: Boost posts based on metrics

Solution*: Create automations to crawl every Facebook Page. Create start triggers specifying the metrics you need.

Example: You need to boost only posts that reach above 50 likes. You’ll create a boost post automation with a strart trigger that states if the post has equal or more than 50 likes then launch a post engagement campaign for the post. This way you or someone else doesn’t waste time searching for those posts and advertising them – Baro will do it for you.

Both solutions can be used at scale for hundreds and thousands of Facebook pages!

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