What does Rule Based Advertising mean?

Rule based advertising means you model the progression of your advertising campaigns over time using “if this than that” rules. It offers you full control over the management automation and optimization of your campaigns.

How does Baro Rule Engine work?

First of all the Rule Engine needs rule sets. A rule set is a group of rules that are applicable to Automations, Campaigns, or AdSets. An actual rule is a condition that if satisfied a specific action will be triggered. When you have a ruleset and rules created you are ready to apply them to your Automations, Campaigns, or AdSets either at creation time or when you edit them.

How to create a Rule Set for the advertising Rule Engine?

  1. Go to Rule Engine section from the menu on the left
  2. Choose for what objects you want to create the Rule Set from the upper bar
  3. Create the Rule Set name in the first column
  4. Add new rule in the second column
  5. Define the parameters of the rule in the third column
  6. Hit Save

What are the Rule parameters?

Apply on – choose the status of the object you want this rule to be applied on. For example: if you choose ‘active’ then the current rule will be applied only to Active Campaigns if you’ve chosen Campaigns on the upper bar.

Rule – define the condition that in case it is satisfied an action will be triggered. Here can be used parameters like Spending, Impressions, CPA etc.

Action – choose the action to trigger. Here you are able to use actions like Start, Pause, Delete, change daily budget etc.

Execute – define the frequency of execution of the rule and the range of data to consider when executing the rule

How to apply Rule Sets?

If you want to apply rule sets to an Automation then when you create the automation or edit an existing one at the bottom of the form you’ll find 3 fields: Automation rule set, Campaign rule set, AdSet rule set. The automation rule set will affect the behavior of current automation. The Campaign rule set and AdSet rule set will be passed on to the campaigns created by this automation.

If you want to apply rule sets directly to campaigns then, at the moment of campaign creation, at the bottom of the form you’ll find 2 fields: Campaign rule set and AdSet rule set. The campaign rule set will govern the behavior of the campaign in general, or in other words, from a higher level, while the adset rule set will dictate the behavior of the campaigns’ adsets.

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