Today we are publicly announcing that we took out a major feature from Baro – the Post Approvals. We sent out warnings a month ago to all our clients using this feature. From now on, Baro is completely focused on automating and optimizing digital ads with state-of-the-art algorithms and make it more integrable with other services. We work closely with our clients to create the best possible advertising experience.

Till now we’ve managed to reduce time managing advertising campaigns from 1-2 hours a day to 2-3 hours a month for a couple of our clients.

In December 2016, thanks to one of our biggest clients, we’ve managed to increase their campaign results by 2 times for the same budget. Some campaigns had 5 times bigger results for the same budget they have used in the past. We’ll issue case studies in the near future based on Baro’s performance.

Do you want to reach same results or even better with your campaigns?

Email us your past campaign results at and we’ll make your future campaigns at least 2 times better.

Upcoming project

Time and effort invested in Post Approvals feature will not disappear in vain. A lot of assets will be used for our upcoming project called Paro. It’s a unique and sophisticated platform for publishers and advertisers that will greatly enhance their content creation and advertising processes.

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