In the previous blog post we’ve talked about how we ended up working on Baro. It took us 3 months to have our initial Private Beta version. Today, after a year, we are live and the tool is much more complex than our initial version. We will describe the problems can solve in our upcoming blog posts. We also plan to have a Youtube Channel, and a podcast channel. We will have webinars and Facebook Live sessions on our Facebook page.

What is Baro at the moment?

Baro is a tool that will greatly enhance your own or your clients’ (if you are an agency using Baro) Facebook and Instagram presence. We’ve made our UX the simplest possible. You can launch Facebook Ad campaigns 3X faster than the best competitor in this field. Our amalgam of features makes Baro very powerful in the Content Marketing Industry. We will divide Baro concept into 3 main parts for better understanding: Post Collaboration, Automations, and Ad optimizations.

Post Collaboration

Baro’s post collaboration feature allows you to collaborate on creating Facebook Page posts for pages you manage. You and your client can view the post exactly how it would appear on Facebook without actually publishing it. Your team and your client can comment and give feedback on posts before publishing. It also gives the opportunity for your client to control what posts can be published on their pages.


This feature allows you to automate repetitive social media tasks. An example would be: you can set up automations that will create/pause/archive/delete Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns based on certain rules you create. Since it requires more than one blog post to fully cover the awesomeness of this feature we will talk about it in much more details in our upcoming releases.

Advertising optimization

This is Baro’s core feature and it is a component of Baro since its birth. Our main mission here is to automate as much as possible the management of Facebook and Instagram Ad campaigns. Every campaign launched through Baro will be optimized using our algorithms. Baro can create hundreds of ad variants in matter of seconds. It’s a powerful A/B test for every aspect of your target audience and creatives (messages, images/videos). It automatically adjusts budgets by reallocating it from worst performing ad variants to best performing variants.

Future plans for

Soon, an integration with Google AdWords will be live. We also consider a feature that will allow you to A/B test Facebook page posts before publishing them on your page. We constantly improve what we already have. There’s a lot of work to be done for our Automations feature, for Optimization Algorithms, and campaign performance reports. We also look into how Artificial Intelligence or Rule-based optimizations can benefit us and our clients. In general, we constantly seek ways to better promote content people create on different platforms. There is a saying: “Spend 10 minutes creating content and 50 minutes promoting it”, so we’ll do our best to automate and optimize those 50 minutes.

UPDATE: We took out the Post Collaboration feature in favour of another ambitious project. You can find more details here.

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