Recently we were doing local B2B sales for Baro and we faced some unpleasant issues regarding Facebook Advertising. People responsible for marketing of a company had no clue how Facebook Advertising actually works. They bluntly launched Facebook campaigns targeting all population of a country saying that everyone could be their potential customer and that you never know who will react to your ads. This was one of the biggest travel agency in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. So we’ll dedicate this article to explaining how Facebook advertising works.

Facebook campaign structure

The main components of a Facebook Campaign are Campaign, Creatives, Ad Sets, and Ads. Think of it as a tree-like structure, on top level you have the Campaign, on the second level you have Creatives and Ad Sets and on third level you have the Ads.

Campaign Every campaign has an objective: Page Likes, Website Clicks, App Install etc. A campaign is composed of Creatives, Ad Sets, and Ads.

What is a Facebook Creative? A Facebook Creative is the visual part of an ad, this is what users on Facebook will see with their eyes. A creative is composed of a message and/or an image or video.

What is a Facebook Ad Set? A Facebook Ad Set is the component that stores targeting audience information, advertising placement (desktop newsfeed, mobilefeed etc.), and the budget.

What is a Facebook Ad? A Facebook Ad is a combination of an Ad Set and a Creative, which make the ad serving possible.

How does Baro create a Facebook campaign effectively?

Facebook’s Power Editor allows you to create only one Ad Set and one Creative at a time. It’s not painful if you know your audience and you do not have creatives to test, but if there’s a need to test multiple target audiences or multiple message and image/video combinations using Power Editor becomes a time consuming process. While campaign is running you have to manage the campaign and manually optimize it if you want more results for your dollar invested. This means that you have to constantly check the performance of your ad sets and creatives, adjust your budgets properly because you don’t want to spend your budget on bad performing ads, and eventually take out underperforming ad variants out of your Facebook campaigns. If you manage multiple campaigns then this becomes a nightmare.

Baro has a very simple and intuitive form that is capable to create complex campaigns. From one single form you can create multiple Ad Sets, this means you can test different aspects of your target audience, for example: you could test response rate of males and females separately, or you could test multiple age groups, multiple locations, or multiple interest sets. From the same form Baro can create multiple creatives, this means you can create multiple combinations of messages and images/videos. It will allow you to identify the creative that has the highest response rate. Baro will automatically focus your budget on the highest performing ad. Managing hundreds of campaigns with Baro becomes a piece of cake.

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