Facebook is a highly developed advertising machine that can offer you a wide range of ways to promote your business or products. However, before you start, you should know that good targeting and regularly sponsored campaigns are not enough to achieve high results. So as to promote yourself successfully you do also need to create engaging posts. Here are some tips that would help to produce something worthy.

Your advertising shouldn’t be looking like advertising

According to a survey published by Techcrunch, either diligently or subliminally, 63% of people ignore the advertising on the internet. Furthermore, recent researches show that a majority of Americans ignore Internet advertising the most, compared to television, radio and newspaper ads.

Speaking of Facebook, that is the place where advertising is much less annoying, due to the fact that the majority of ads take the shape of regular posts. Use this in order to get in the newsfeed undetected and don’t even think of using bothering colors and all those cheap techniques of gaudy advertising (in fact, that is why people started to ignore ads).

Find out what advertising type actually rules the newsfeed

Stay tuned with different studies and market researches in order to choose the right stream every time you post. After studying around 72 000 facebook pages and over 49 million posts in 2013, Quintly deduced some important tendencies.

On one hand, being one of the most used types of ads, Photos were involved in almost 43% of posts. Discovering the power of visual content, businesses and communities never cease to use it in their publications.

Indeed, thinking of the most useful types of advertising, the visual concept is a worthy thing to bet on. However, Photos are no longer in the limelight, being now used too widely and becoming less interesting for those who skim through the news feed. According to the same research, videos generate more engagement when they present an interesting content and aren’t too long.

The same company presented some valuable graphics that will simplify your work process.

No matter what type of publication you choose, take care of its quality. A golden and obvious rule would be not to use false pictures from different stock image resources. Your content should be reliable and trustworthy so show your real products, your real office and your real team in order to gain appreciation.

Find your own special formulas of success

Obviously, choosing the right time to post will take effort and hours of work. You may find different strategies on the internet, but you should take into account that personal experience is your invaluable and most important guide.

Recently, CoSchedule published an insightful analysis, which is based on 16 studies of this particular issue. In order not to start from scratch, take this few recommendations into consideration.

Inform yourself better before you start

Don’t forget about the time zones. If your main target is from another country, you should be particularly attentive. An important step is to understand where your main audience is, giving you the opportunity to target their time zones accordingly.

Try out some useful applications

There are a few tools to help you find where your audience is and when your audience is online - which helps you understand the best time to share based on your local time zone. In this case, Facebook Analytics furnish a great amount of information, so get used to check it from time to time.

Check out for new software and products

Some of the most useful are those that help you organize your posts and schedule them for the most appropriate time, accordingly to your target preferences. Here's a curated list of 11 content creation tools.

Post diverse content

If you want to have a truly interesting page, don’t stick to a limited number of advertising types. Try new things and promote them with different intensity. In order to accomplish this, you should always be aware of different events and researches that are going to hog the limelight.

Moreover, don’t publish pictures and videos only (even though these are the most engaging ads). Experiment with texts , change your cover photos, ask questions related to your business, fulfill people with engaging information concerning your field of work. Furthermore, you can insert links leading to your website, garnishing them with some short and appealing commentaries. Also, it would be interesting for them to see short backups from your important presentations or even stories about some particular issues.

However, Coschedule.com mentions that «creating consistently great content is hard. If you’re relying on great content produced in-house to nurture your Facebook page, you risk to become really exhausted in a short period of time.

Curation is the cheapest and most effective way to produce more high-quality, shareable content. There are plenty of experts in your industry, and they all invest a ton of time crafting great content. Have the right curation tools in place to help you spot content quickly and share the best of it on your page. Remember, the goal here is brand awareness. You’ll get that by sharing high-quality content for your audience to see.»

Don’t forget about the author’s rights. As we made in our article, mark the selected idea within brackets and mention the author in your post.

Be timely and newsworthy

Whatever you promote, try to make all your posts worthy to be read. As mentioned above, use scientific information, original design, interesting stories and engaging discussions to provide high quality information and efficiency. Invest your time in valuable advertising. We sincerely believe that if you use those recommendations, millions of people that skim through their newsfeed will stop for a while to enjoy your post every time you publish something new.







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