56% of marketers report having moved established business from an external agency to in-house teams.

Cost Savings

Pay for ads not middlemen. Marketing teams that take advertising in-house with software offering publisher-direct media buying save on two significant costs: third party managed service premiums and ad network inventory markups. That averages to about 40% of your budget.

The money you save can be used to reach even more people and reach more valuable people who typically cost more to acquire.


Acquiring great customers and encouraging them to buy is critical to business success. As in-house teams assume responsibility for this core competency, they gain real-time visibility into powerful customer insights to improve performance.

Marketers benefit from cross-channel learnings and performance gains when digital ad budgets aren’t siloed across various third party partners.


No one understands a company’s customers, products, and industry better than the internal marketing team that lives and breathes them every day.


In the online world, every second counts. In-house advertisers are free to test and scale campaigns quickly, react to new market opportunities, and pivot at will.

Working with external third parties slows down your business. There can be slow response when requested to shut down a campaign. Hours are spent communicating back and forth about new creatives and messages.


Marketing teams working with third party agencies or black box vendors rarely have insight into true media cost data, let alone any depth of additional performance data or the decision logic of algorithms.

63% of advertisers report either no insight at all or only high-level reports of digital media spend from third party partners.

Sophisticated ad automation platforms produce simple, shareable data visualizations of complex metrics. Now, everyone from marketing directors to CMOs can have a clear picture of campaign performance.

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