Difference between Facebook ads and Google ads.

Google ads target intent through their search engine. When someone types in “flight ticket to Budapest” Google catches that persons intention to fly to Budapest and serves ads that were set to target that keyword. That someone will see ads from companies like CheapOair, Kayak, Edreams etc.

Facebook ads, on the other hand, target people through their interests. The more a person uses Facebook platform the more detailed is their interest profile. Facebook algorithms creates an interest profile for each user and it constantly updates it with things you engage with. Eventually, Facebook will serve ads to people that most likely will be interested in.

Facebook ads and Google ads are different, but both of them are effective and you should always keep in mind that difference between them and use it wisely when creating your advertising strategy.

When you first step into the world of Facebook advertising it can be confusing, especially which ad format to use. With several options including clicks to a website, page likes, post boosting, email dumps and re-targeting you have what seems like endless options. For this article we’ll look at why Post Boosts are the best type of ad for Facebook platform. We’ll talk about Google ads in our upcoming articles.

Why Boost Post (Post Engagement) campaigns are the best type of ad?

Since Facebook platform is all about engagement and social interactions Post Engagement campaigns play really well conceptually and practically within Facebook environment.

All your ads placed on an engagement based platform must be optimized for engagement for highest results. Post Engagement ads offer you this optimization.

The most evident advantages that a Post Engagement ad has while comparing to other types of ads is that it can contain a picture, a video, a link that can send traffic to website, a link to the app store, a lot more text than any other type of ad, and Facebook page logo that can be liked by people who sees the ad. As a result Boost Post ads are visually more rich and more engaging. On top of that, a Boost Post ad stays on your Facebook page because it’s a post you’ve posted.

Boosts put your chosen Facebook post in front of more users, and promote engagement such as likes, comments, shares and even traffic back to a website where sales may occur. Boosted Posts have potential to reach more people than Reach optimized campaigns. Since Boost Posts are optimized for engagement, every engagement (like, share, comment) with the post can be shown to that person’s network of contacts and friends as well, and if the post contains amazing content it can quickly become viral.

In this article we’ve talked about how Facebook news feed work, and we saw that how people engage with your post is an important factor for Facebook in deciding which post to put on people’s news feed. So the higher the engagement rate, the more people will be presented with your posts organically. Therefore investment in a particular post boost not only promotes that specific content to more people, but it also has a domino effect on them with future content.

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