10 Feb 2017 by Teodor Scorpan in Content Marketing

Being featured by popular publishers can benefit your business a lot in terms of public image. It can bring you leads. There will be people that will find out about you from these articles that could not find you otherwise.

Here are some tips on how to get covered on popular sites:

Identify the publication

Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fortune, Fast Company, and Inc. all have some overlap, but at the same time they each have their own flavor. Likewise, Mashable, TechCrunch, and Pandodaily might seem similar in some ways, but they’re quite different in other ways. Make sure you understand the different publications and what they publish. Make sure that their audience will be engaged to read a story about your business. If you can’t identify what they want then your pitch is likely to get rejected.

Identify the journalists

All popular news sites/blogs have a decent archive of articles. Take your time and identify articles that talk about industries similar to yours. Make a list of authors of those articles. Read more publications for every author to create a clear picture of their interests and favorite topics.

Get in touch with them

You have to know their favorite topics, their style of writing, and their temper by now. Usually their emails are publicly available. If not then you can use tools like Hunter.io to identify their emails. How to approach them when you have their contact? There is no golden rule here. It depends from person to person. There are journalists that hate when they are pitched to right away, and there are journalists that pay attention only to short and concise pitches. You really have to deduct the silver bullet on how to approach them from the research you do before you contact them. We’ve noticed that some journalists have an article dedicated on how to get in touch with them.

Here’s an article on how to get covered by TechCrunch if you decide to do it through Mike Butcher. We met this guy in 2016 at RockIT conference in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. You can really see most of his personality traits from the article he wrote. Here’s another article on how to get attention.

Whenever you get in touch with a journalist and you manage to convince him to write news about you, improve the relationship with him, and nurture it. You could definitely need his help in the future, or you can help someone else get covered with the help of that journalist, if you are in a good relationship with him of course. So never forget on improving you people skills as well.

Baro team does the same things mentioned above. We’ve managed to get covered on the majority major news websites in Republic of Moldova. Baro team is really thankful for every journalist for what they’ve done for us, and we deeply respect their job. Sometimes their work can create life-changing miracles for people.

We will write a blog article on how we landed up on TechCrunch as soon as we do that. Cheers!

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