If you ended up reading this article then most likely you are familiar with Facebook Global Pages. In case you are not, Facebook Global Pages are multiple pages each one customized for a specific country, language, and culture that represent the same brand. Likes from all related pages are summed up, but content is separated for each page and don’t mix up. Here’s everything you need to know about Facebook Global Pages.

Why should you centralize the marketing of Global Pages?

The most evident benefit is that you are in direct control of advertising budgets allocated for every country. You will be able to decide how and when to promote the global pages. In addition to that you will be the one managing and optimizing the advertising. You’ll be able to identify the best page promoting strategy for every country separately. Together with these benefits comes greater responsibility, so some automation will come in handy.

Why automating the promotion of Global Pages is a must?

The most important benefit of automating advertising for a global brand is eliminating human error. The larger the company and the more it is spread around the globe the error rate increases tremendously and it can affect directly or indirectly company’s costs. Letting computers do repetitive advertising tasks can decrease errors significantly. The second benefit is that automation will make your marketing department more efficient. Unloading tasks to a computer can free up time for your employees to focus on even more important business tasks. It will have a positive impact on company’s costs.

How to centralize and automate the advertising of Global Pages?

Use Baro to centralize and Baro’s boost post automation to automate the most used Facebook advertising feature. Facebook page posts must be created by people familiar with the corresponding culture and language. Facebook page posts created by people responsible for each global page individually must be engaging and promoted for maximum effectiveness and visibility. In order to control advertising budget spending and advertising performance you’ll have to do it yourself.

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Boost post automation will automatically boost posts using rules. Basically you create a certain condition and the automation will use it to check the posts of a page and if the condition is satisfied a Post Engagement campaign (boost post) will be launched. There is no human intervention in the process. Nobody needs to check which posts to manually boost. You set up the Automation once and you can be sure and confident that it executes its tasks with maximum precision.

This automation will have a direct and positive impact on company’s operating costs and marketing department’s performance as a whole.

How to set up this Global Page advertising strategy?

First and foremost you have to talk with your Global Page content creators and agree upon a specific word, hashtag or any sequence of characters that if present in the message body of the Facebook post the post will be boosted, and it’s up to you how you are going to boost. So any time content creators think that a post should be boosted they can include that hashtag in the message of the post and they can rest assure that the post will be promoted.

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After you agreed upon the trigger word you can now set up the Boost Post Automation. The trigger condition for this automation will be that if the post message contains the word then launch the campaign. It is that simple.

In addition to message triggers you can create more complex conditions using Facebook page post metrics, for example: boost a post if it has reached 100 likes and contains #XYZ in their message and has reached 10 shares.

Check out this article for more technical details on how to set up a boost post automation.

How to automate the optimization and management of Global Page advertising?

Baro offers a neat solution that can completely make you forget about getting involved with promoting global pages. It’s called the Rule Engine. You can model any kind of behavior using the Rule Engine that can later be applied to Automations, Campaigns, and AdSets. By behavior we mean simple campaign management tasks that are repetitive and time consuming or advanced optimizations. For example: you can set up conditions when to start an Automation and start global promotions, or when to stop; you can also set up conditions for every campaign separately that will govern their progression over time as well as their ad sets.

In addition to post engagement campaigns automation rules can be applied to other types of Facebook and Instagrm ads. For example: you can launch campaigns with gathering page likes objective, or bringing traffic to specific website together with boosting posts and apply optimization rules to all of them for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Here you can find more details on how to set up rules for automations, campaigns, and ad sets.

In conclusion, apply this strategy if you want to have full global control on your Facebook and Instagram advertising budgets, campaign management, and campaign performance.

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