Are you a boutique advertising agency managing Facebook pages of local businesses or persons? Are you a freelancer managing multiple Facebook Pages? Or are you a large advertising agency doing advertising for thousands of Facebook pages? If your answer to one of these question is Yes then you are in the right place and we are going to present you an advertising strategy that will decrease your workload many fold.

In the last few years the Facebook news feed has become very competitive. Too many stories have the potential to be placed on users’ news feeds and because of this the organic reach of your content is decreasing. Find out more details about the decline of Facebook organic reach. In order to stay competitive and gain visibility the demand to constantly promote Facebook page posts will increase dramatically. More businesses will increase their micro investments in boosting posts to generate sales, traffic or any other business objective. Here you can find out why post engagement campaigns are the best type of ads for Facebook.

Since demand for boosting posts grows it becomes one of the most time consuming tasks when doing advertising for multiple Facebook pages. It does not make any difference if one of your employees or a third party company creates content for your clients’ pages you as an advertiser have to constantly keep an eye on the news feeds for posts to boost, manage the launched campaigns, and keep track of campaign performance. This becomes painful and error prone if you are responsible for multiple Facebook pages with intensive content boosting.

Why should you automate promotion of page posts?

Unloading this repetitive and monotonous task to a computer will free up your time. A computer algorithm executes tasks with a lot more precision than a human, and the execution is more efficient. It has a direct and positive impact on your operating costs. You or your employees will focus their effort towards tasks that are more difficult to automate. Automating promotion of posts allows you to scale your business efforts. It gives you the ability to do advertising services for multiple Facebook pages at once with no errors and with higher performance.

How to eliminate errors and save time on boosting Facebook page posts?

Baro has a feature that comes in handy for such cases. It’s called Automation with Boost Post objective. What it basically does it crawls Facebook pages and searches for posts to boost. You give that automation a condition that if a post satisfies it a Post Engagement campaign (boost post) will be launched for that specific post.

There are two ways to set up a post engagement automation. First one is you and your content creators (it could be yourself, you company’s employees, or a third party company) have to agree upon a word, hashtag, or any sequence of characters that if present in the message body of the post then it needs to be boosted. After you reach a consensus you can create the Automation with the trigger condition that states if, for example, the message of the post contains #XYZ then boost this post. As you can see things get more efficient, the human error is drastically minimized, and miscommunications are eliminated from the equation.

Here’s a curated list of 11 content creation tools that you or your content creators can use to automate and streamline their job as well.

The second way is boosting posts based on post metrics. For example: you can set up an automation that crawls a Facebook page and boosts only posts that have reached 100 likes and 10 shares. In this case there is no need for a consensus between parties, but you still have the ability to create complex conditions that mixes both ways.

Here you can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up a boost post automation.

Automate advertising optimization with rules

On top of all the benefits you gain from simply automating the boosting of posts you have the opportunity to automate campaign optimizations. Thanks to Baro’s Rule Engine you can model any type of behavior you want your campaigns and its components to manifest over time. You are able to create conditions when to start, pause, archive, delete campaigns, conditions that govern ad sets behavior, like when to change the daily budget, when and which ad sets to pause or start and so on.

Here you can find a short tutorial on how to properly use Baro’s advertising rule engine.

If all Baro’s features are used at their fullest you can reduce your involvement with advertising to zero.

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