03 Feb 2017 by Teodor Scorpan in Content Marketing

On April 6th 2016, Facebook launched a feature for everyone called Facebook Live. Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world. When you interact live, you feel connected in a more personal way. Since its launch we saw a multitude of creative ways on how people use this feature. So here you have a list of tips to make you next Facebook Live more engaging.

Tell people ahead of time when you’re going to broadcast

Build anticipation by letting people know when you’ll be broadcasting live. You can announce it on your page, or you can let people know on other social platforms. Facebook Ads will do it too, create an announcement post then create a Post Engagement campaign using this post to let people know about your live session. The post itself can be another video. Be creative!

Go live when you have a strong connection

Check to make sure that you have a strong signal before going live. WiFi tends to work best, but if you can’t find a nearby network, you’ll want a 4G connection. If you have weak signal, the ‘Go Live’ button will be grayed out.

Write a compelling description before going live

A great description will capture fans’ attention and help them understand what your broadcast is about.

Ask your viewers to follow you and receive notifications when you go live

Call out that your audience can tap on the Follow button on live videos and videos that were live and then opt-in to get notifications the next time you go live.

Say hello to commenters by name and respond to their comments

Your audience will be thrilled to hear you mention their name and answer their questions when you are live.

Broadcast for longer periods of time to reach more people

The longer you broadcast, the more likely people are to discover and invite their friends on Facebook to watch the video. We recommend that you go live for at least 10 minutes, and you can stay live for up to 90 minutes.

Be creative and go live often!

Try different types of broadcasts – and go live frequently – to keep your audience engaged. You can organize webinars using Facebook Live. Questions will be posted as the video is being streamed, and answers being provided there and then. You can also do interviews and your audience can react on the fly. Stream sports games, conferences, how-to videos (like cooking) etc.

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