Today we are happy to announce a major update for Baro. We’ve improved the core engine and made it a Rule based engine.

How did we come up with this decision?

Baro’s initial optimization algorithms were wonderful until we had enough data to make a better judgment. So we’ve found that for some clients our initial algorithms had amazing results but for others the results were worse. This led us to the conclusion to hand all optimization parameters and behavior to the client. This could only be done using rules. In addition to that, we have clients that have requested unique features that could make the product look cluttered. So we’ve built the Rule Engine.

What can you do with the Rule Engine?

Everything. It offers you the possibility to automate the management and manipulation of campaigns and its components in thousands of ways. You can test thousands of advertising behaviors and find the one that brings the best results. If you already have an idea on how your advertising campaigns should run than you can definitely create that behavior using rules and apply it to your campaigns.

The downside of this feature is the learning curve. It takes a while until you become comfortable with the rule engine. We plan to release tutorials on how to use the Rule Engine. When you get comfortable with it you can do everything.

The Rule Engine is very modular and features can be added instantly without ruining the UX and UI. So if you feel that we should add features to the engine shoot us an email!

Follow our blog to stay tuned for upcoming tutorials and advertising strategies that will give you ideas on how to use Baro to advertise wisely.

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