In this article, we’ve talked about the structure of a Facebook and Instagram campaign. As you remember the creatives are the visual parts of an ad, this is what Facebook users will see. Creatives can greatly influence the cost and distribution of your ad. Facebook team takes care of their users by creating a wonderful and pleasant user experience controlling how your ad looks like.

Ad Image text rule

Their team found out that users give preference to visuals that have little to no text at all. So in order to protect users’ experience on Facebook they’ve come up with a rule to control the amount of text in ad images. Text in your ad image includes text laid over a photo or illustration, text-based logos, or watermarks used in an ad’s image. It also includes text in thumbnail images used for videos as well as images used as cover photos or profile photos of promoted Pages.

Now, there are 4 levels of Image Text Ranking indicating amount of text in the image:

  1. Ok
  2. Low
  3. Medium
  4. High

The higher Facebook ranks your image the higher your advertising costs will be and the lower the distribution of your ad will be.

What should I do to reduce the amount of text?

Consider putting most of your text in the message part of your ad instead of on the ad image. If you must use text, use a smaller font size and fewer words to lower the proportion of text to image. Try reducing image text. Facebook has released a useful tool where you can check your images for text on them.

Ad text rule

The message in your ad can affect you advertising costs and ad distribution as well. One mistake we constantly see from our clients is using a message written in another language other than the official language of the country they promote in. For example: they use a message written in English and promoted in Romania (a Romanian language speaking country) or Russia (a Russian language speaking country). This type of ad will cost more and will not be distributed well enough.

What should I do to have well written ad messages?

Advertise using messages written in the relevant language to the country you target. You can use translation service to translate your messages (like Fiverr etc.)

Here are Facebook’s Advertising Policies. You’ll find more rules that you must follow when creating an advertising campaign. There are rules that if not followed can get your whole campaign rejected.

How does Baro help me?

Whenever you create a campaign through Baro we do an ad validation check. If there are irregularities in your campaign an exclamation mark will appear right next to your campaign name. Clicking on it will open a pop-up window that will show the issues. It’s still a work in progress and with time we will improve the communication between Baro and clients. Following these two simple rules will greatly increase you advertising campaign performance.

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