28 Mar 2017 by Teodor Scorpan in Content Marketing

Consumers nowadays are overwhelmed with content. There all kinds of information channels social media platforms, news, TV, radio etc. With information so plentiful, it’s easy for a business to get lost among the competition. A big buzz word in marketing now is “discoverability”: How can your audience find you? How can you attract the right kind of attention to your company? Maybe your business needs you to write a book to do that.

Books as Business Cards

Your book can be a deluxe business card and a great networking tool, introducing your company’s offerings, starting conversations and providing a path to “get your foot in the door.” While you’re working your business, your book can be out there as well helping you grow your audience. Whenever you go to a networking event take copies of your book. As a networking tool it will be fantastic. It can take you and your business to places you haven’t been before – new geographies, new industries, and new customers, and new opportunities. It will distinguish your business from competitors’.

Personal credibility

Books have a great way of growing your expert status and enhancing your credibility within your market. Generally authors are considered experts but not all of them are. But consumers in general assume that if you’ve written a book on a particular subject, you probably know a whole lot about it and therefore, you’re an expert. People that didn’t pay much attention to you before will suddenly start listening hard. Having a book is enormously helpful in establishing initial connections with potential clients and business partners. Expert status and credibility are also helpful if you’re looking to gain more media attention. If your business is associated with a business book then its author gives an enterprise legitimacy in the eyes of the world. Being considered more legitimate simply makes it easier to get things done.

Consumers Don’t Like to Be Sold

Ads don’t have the pull they once did. The price for ads is high and it still grows because more and more businesses do advertising but the space is limited. Consumers are tired of being sold. A book is a much better way to leverage and enhance your consumer outreach. The “book as a business card” is the number one reason why business owners publish and probably the best.

Additional income

Yes, you’ll make money from your book, but don’t lose sight of why you published it. You’ll always make far more in the customers a book can bring to your door than in the book itself (unless you have a national best seller) but you can still count on money from the sales of the book, regardless of how you use it.

Baro team plans to release a book about advertising automation strategies in the near future! Stay tuned!

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